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Small Projects starts the year with


Small Projects is proud to announce the exhibition of the Artist-Activist Dylan Miner. Dylan Miner is a border-crossing Métis with roots in the historical aboriginal communities of Slave Lake, Alberta; Red River, Manitoba; Drummond Island, Michigan; and Penetanguishene, Ontario. He holds a PhD in history of art from the University of New Mexico, USA, and is presently a professor at the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University and coordinates the Michigan Native Arts Initiative. He is also a curator at the MSU Museum.

While in Tromsø, Dylan Miner will hold a workshop with Sami youth and have a lecture at the Academy of Contemporary Art Tromsø. His visit will coincide with the Sami National Day. This exhibition is made possible by the support of the Arts Council, Norway (Norsk Kulturråd) and in partnership with NABROAD. This is also supported by the Academy of Contemporary Art, Tromsø.






Condition Report - a symposium on building art institutions in Africa.

DAKAR, SENEGAL 18.-20. JAN. 2012

On the invitation of OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway), Small Projects will participate in the Condition Report symposium in Dakar, Senegal.

CONDITION REPORT aims to address the changing role of art institutions and initiatives in relation to the broader artistic urgencies and to society in its whole. The symposium is organized to evaluate a founding principle of many independent organizations that have emerged in recent years - namely that independent contemporary art institutions are an important voice in the construction of a strong cultural private sector as well as in forging a critical opinion from an open civil society. The sessions will provide a platform for discussing case studies and experiences accompanied by an informed interpretative analysis.

Norway will be represented by Marta Kuzma (Director, OCA), Paul Brewer (Head of International Relations, OCA), Mohamed Fadlabi (Independent curator), Linus Elmes (Director, UKS), Anne Szefer Karlsen (Director, Hordaland Kunstsenter), Steffen Håndlykken and Stian Eide Kluge (1857, Oslo) and Jet Pascua (Small Projects).



STOCKHOLM, 17.-19. FEB. 2012

SUPERMARKET has been arranged since 2007 by a small group most of whom are artists themselves. Supermarket is a development of Minimarket, which was held at Konstnärshuset in February 2006 in reaction to the new commercial art fair Market. Initiated and organised by artists, this project has rapidly evolved from a modest group of local initiatives to a full-fledged international art exhibition that has made its mark and helped firmly establish Stockholm on the art world map.

For the second year in a row, Small Projects will participate in this art fair bringing and promoting the works of artists Kristine Halmrast, Margrethe Pettersen, Ane Sagatun, Eric L. Zamuco and a few more.

Small Projects' participation is supported by OCA - Office for Contemporary Art Norway.



TROMSØ, 2.-4. MARCH 2012

Art Video Exchange-Norway organizes and Small Projects invite twelve artist/curators from eleven Countries to participate in a public screening and discussion and a curator symposium in Tromsø, Norway.

Participants include Kristin Scheving (700IS Reindeerland, Iceland, Jonas Nilsson (Art Screen, Sweden), Julie Sparsø Damkjær (Denmark), Gintaré Matulaityté (Lithuainia), Michal Brzenzinski (Poland), Enrico Tomaselli (Magmart International Art Film Festival, Italy), Igor Bosniak (namaTRE project Bosnia & Herzegovina), Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson (USA), Eli Souaiby (Art Video Exchange Lebanon), Claro J. Ramirez (Philippines). The Academy of Contemporary Art Tromsø Students. Art Video Exchange is directed by artist/curator Mona Bentzen.

More information to follow.



Artists in Residence

Small Projects has selected Sasha Huber and Petri Saarikko to represent the gallery in the Art Residency program organized together with the Troms Fylkeskommune (Troms County Council) and Kulturkontakt Nord, which will take place in the month of May 2012

SASHA HUBER was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1975, and currently lives and works in Helsinki, Finland with her husband and son. Her background is in graphic design, which she studied in Zurich. In 2000 she received a scholarship to Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research centre in Treviso, Italy. In 2006 she graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki with an MA in Visual Cultures. In her work she examines her roots and their influence on the process of building a personal and artistic identity. Being of European and Haitian heritage she allies herself with the Caribbean Diaspora. She has been unable to visit her mother’s homeland, Haiti, because of continuing security risks. Her work combines political criticism with an aesthetic rendering of the subject matter. Firing an uncountable number of staples into wooden surfaces is just one of the ways she realizes her ideas. In one such project this literally involved shooting portraits of Christopher Columbus and former Haitian Dictators.

PETRI SAARIKKO (b. 1973) is an artist and a designer based in Helsinki, Finland. Saarikko combines societal commentary with his design profession and new media background, which results to location-based installations. His work has a strong performative nature. Saarikko does not shy away from provocation and often challenges issues such as national identity, artistic authorship or official political discourse with a change of context, therefore showing the true artificial nature of these phenomena His work strives for opening up power relations, making room for individual narratives and takes stands for equality.

Sasha and Petri will also exhibit at Small Projects at the end of their residency





Dylan Miner (USA)  

Cos Zicarelli (Philippines)

Denise Winter (Germany)

Jari Silomäki (Finland)

Aslaug Juliussen (Tromsø)

Sasha Huber(Haiti/Switz/Fin)

Petri Saarikko (Finland)

Victor Mutelekesha (Zambia/Oslo)